High Quality Stainless Steel Remedial Wall Ties in Seaforth for Your Home

wall ties in SeaforthHave your home’s wall ties in Seaforth broken, disintegrated, and dislodged from doing the job for which they were intended?  That question might have never occurred to you. What you may have noticed is a musty smell in the basement, mould growing on walls, watermarks on your ceilings, walls with soft spots and sawdust piles on the floor. These are all signs of damp in your home or building. The resulting structural damage could become severe requiring the replacement of timbers and walls. But there is no point in undertaking that remedial work until the cause of the damp is located and repaired. That’s when you call us at Ray Betts Damp Proofing.

Wall ties were used to join an inner wall and an outer brick wall, creating an insulating cavity. In Seaforth, wall ties contribute greatly to the stability of the building. Materials used to manufacture cavity ties in the past such as galvanized mild steel and even plastic have not stood the test of time. They deteriorate and eventually break. When that happens, the stabilisation of the wall is compromised. The result is cracks in the brick and penetrating moisture finding its way into the wood structure of the building. The onset of dry rot which feeds on damp wood can cause further structural damage. There is a point beyond which the building cannot be salvaged. Before that happens, it will become an unhealthy building. Living and working in it may cause illnesses.

We use wall ties in Seaforth made from stainless steel which will never corrode. If an inspection of your building reveals dampness related to broken wall ties, we will replace all the ties as part of the overall remedial work of damp proofing the building. If your building is more than 20 years old and you see signs of dampness, or cracks in the outer brick wall it may require damp proofing and wall tie replacement. To find out for sure, contact Ray Betts and schedule a property inspection. There is no charge and no obligation for an inspection and a quote for remedial work.