Expert Damp Proofing in Litherland at Affordable Rates for Your Home

Damp Proofing in Litherland A company offering damp proofing in Litherland may be necessary if you have noticed the tell-tale signs of damp in your home. Many buildings are affected by damp problems, especially older buildings. However, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be repaired. If your home has a damp issue, be sure to contact us so we can assist with a damp proofing solution. If you’ve noticed more condensation than usual, or fine brown-red dust on your floors and furniture, there could be a damp problem in your home. Give us a ring, and we will send an expert team to determine what type of damp issue is in your home.

Once the type of damp problem has be identified, a solution to remedy the issue can be decided. In Litherland, damp proofing, when done by an expert team, can alleviate the effects of a damp proof problem. Your home may have rising damp, a condition that is prevalent on older homes. This is a result of capillary action, where moisture from the ground can rise up inside the walls and mortar beds up to approximately one metre above ground level. The symptoms of which can be a problem in both dry and wet conditions. These symptoms include stained decoration, lifting wallpaper, softening plaster, and mould or fungi in timber and wall surfaces. It should be noted that concrete floors can also suffer from rising damp. We are highly regarded as damp proof specialists, and when we visit your home, we will take steps to solve the problem.

Damp proofing in Litherland begins with a visit from our team. We will identify, diagnose and treat the problems associated with rising damp, in an efficient and professional manner. Ignoring a damp problem in the hope that it magically disappears will result in a damaged home, often ending up in structural damage. This is not only dangerous, but also costly to repair. If you need a specialist team for damp proofing your home, contact Ray Betts. We will provide an effective damp proof course to ensure that your home’s damp problem is remedied. We will also find the source of the problem and take steps to remove it.