Professionally Done Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Bootle for Your Older Home

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Bootle You may need cavity wall tie replacement in Bootle if you own a house that was built in the mid 1900s. Cavities were incorporated into house walls to limit the transmission of heat through the walls during weather extremes. As such, they kept the houses warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The cavities existed as the separation between the internal and external walls of a house. These walls were then held together using cavity wall ties. This improved the strength and stability of the building. The wall ties were made of steel bars installed during construction. They were fixed in place using the mortar between layers of bricks.

With time, due to exposure to water and other chemicals, most of the steel wall ties have deteriorated and failed. In Bootle, cavity wall tie replacement is a job for the professionals. The first indicator of wall tie failures is the appearance of strange horizontal cracks in your walls. If you don’t take action, your walls can buckle and collapse; causing irreparable damage to your house. As a professional building repair company, we have all the tools and expertise to deal with any case of wall tie failure, no matter how severe.

We use the least intrusive techniques for cavity wall tie replacement in Bootle.  Our workmen start by using advanced metal detectors to locate your wall ties. Next, we use fibre optic borescopes for a closer assessment. The assessment will reveal the urgency and approach we should take to replace your wall ties. We will discuss and propose a series of viable solutions with you before making any final decisions. As a family run business, your peace of mind is our priority. We treat each of our clients like part of the family and work to secure lasting relationships. This means we offer fair assessments and very competitive prices. This approach has kept us going through more than 30 years of operation. Contact Ray Betts today for more information about our services and rates. Cavity wall tie replacement procedures vary depending on your building type. Our staff can guide you through the approach we would take with your home.