Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Liverpool to Ensure the Integrity of Your Building

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Liverpool If you are looking for assistance with cavity wall tie replacement in Liverpool get in touch with the professionals at Ray Betts. To prevent any further structural damage, you will certainly need the expertise of time-served masons, and especially when it comes to cavity wall ties, it is always best left to the professionals. Replacing those ties can be tricky, and to make sure that it is carried out in a safe manner, our masons will use special cavity wall ties that are specifically designed to be used on existing walls. Also, our masons will know the exact length and height of the ties to be used for your walls.

We have been in the field since 1984, and rest assured, whatever issues it is you are having including but not limited to wall cavity ties, dry and wet rot, structural repairs, or UPVC windows, you will find an excellent team at Ray Betts. In Liverpool, cavity wall tie replacement is something that most house owners will have to look into if their properties are reaching 20 years or are much older. Since wall ties are usually in metal, they tend to rust over time and will need to be replaced. If they are not replaced, the walls may not stand straight and may start to lean over time, which will cause further structural damage. Cavity walls were built to protect the residents of a property from outside elements, and to create much better heat insulation as well. So, if you suspect that your cavity walls require remedial actions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

We will start by inspecting the walls to see the type of remedial work you will need for cavity wall tie replacement in Liverpool. And then we will provide you with a quote, and we will start work as soon as you give us the green light. For more details or assistance, contact Ray Betts. All of our remedial work is completed to a very high standard.