For Wall Ties in Litherland, Contact the Experts for an Affordable Quote

Wall Ties in LtherlandWhen you need to replace or install cavity wall ties in Litherland, get in touch with the experts. At Ray Betts, our highly trained, experienced team of experts can accurately identify and locate problem. We use specialised equipment including modern metal detectors to find the wall ties embedded in your walls and then assess their condition through the use of fibre optic borescopes. Once this assessment is complete, we are able to provide you with a detailed evaluation and estimate of the remedial work required. This helps you to make an informed decision. Buildings that are more than two decades old may have ties that fail to provide the necessary damp proofing. Cavity wall ties or brick ties are used in double-layered walls that have a gap between them. The ties help to connect the two walls and also provide extra stability. However, with age, they may corrode, get damaged and suffer deterioration, posing a safety risk to the building if the outer wall collapses.

Damaged wall ties lead to penetration of damp, resulting in health problems for occupants. In Litherland, wall ties are commonly found in constructions undertaken during the 1930s. The most common materials were zinc and bitumen in older structures and stainless steel in newer ones. In recent years wall tie failures have become more common as these old features begin to suffer damage due to aging, rusting and wear and tear. In some cases, they may not have been properly installed, or poor quality concrete may have been used. Whatever the reason, our technicians can ensure that the right kind of solution is found for the problem.

Some of the signs that you have problems with wall ties in Litherland could include horizontal cracks on the walls, bulging walls, wall collapse, rust stains on the walls, or cracked brickwork. These signs indicate that you may require immediate replacement by remedial ties. When you need wall ties replaced, contact Ray Betts for assistance. Commonly used remedial ties that can be used are mechanical expander replacement ties, grouted ties or helical wall ties. This is certainly not a DIY job and you could waste a lot of time, effort and money without expert help.