Wet Rot Problems in Walton Remedied With Prompt and Professional Service

Wet Rot Problems in WaltonThere are many clues that indicate wet rot problems in Walton. It’s important to take steps to correct the problem at the first sign to prevent damage. To identify wet rot, you have to look in the right places and unfortunately those places are not where you spend a lot of time. Before the wood floor in the kitchen caves in, check the floorboards and support beams underneath. Actually, if you make a habit of checking the beams in the basement you will be able to spot wet rot before it spreads to floorboards and up the walls. A finished basement presents a bigger challenge. In those circumstances, check the walls and ceiling for soft spots, discoloured areas, black mould growth and that familiar musty smell.

If the beams and floorboards in your basement are exposed, check them for dampness, soft spots, and darkened areas on the wood. In Walton, wet rot problems that are advanced will be revealed by dried out and brittle wood that show cracks. You don’t want the weight of your house resting on wood beams that are gradually turning to powder. You may be familiar with the creaky spots on your floors but it’s a mistake to ignore this sign of wet rot. It could be the floorboards underneath are weakened by wet rot. You may see light strands spreading out from a beam or from a beam to a wall. That is the fungi searching for more damp wood cellulose to feed on. That’s how wet rot spreads.

Wet rot problems in Walton need not be a catastrophe. We have been remediating wet rot in homes and buildings for decades. Sometimes it’s as simple as locating and sealing off the source of moisture. We have a lot of experience so we know all the usual hiding places such as foundations, between walls and high condensation. We’ll treat any affected wood to destroy the fungus and those two steps may remedy the problem. If there is extensive damage then wood beams may need replacement. We carry out the removal of old and installation of new wood beams so your building structure is stable. Contact Ray Betts if you suspect wet rot in your home or office building. If you’re unsure, we can carry out a survey to locate any sources of wet rot.