Wall Ties in Walton

Wall Ties in WaltonWall ties in Walton in your house were likely made of sturdy galvanized steel, especially if your brick home is over 20 years old. As luck would have it, those steel wall ties can still rust and corrode; sometimes triggered by the mortar. Since the job of the wall ties is to adjoin two inner walls for greater strength, your brick building needs them to maintain the integrity of the walls. That can’t happen if they rust through and break. Ray Betts is our full-service damp proofing company, established since 1984. We replace your failing wall ties with strong rustproof wall ties. So, how do you know if the wall ties in your home are deteriorated? There are some exterior signs you can look for.

For instance, do you feel an unevenness in the brick wall or see a bulge? How about those Z shaped cracks in the brick that are so familiar? Those are signs in Walton, wall ties are failing. Once cracks form, moisture gets into the walls which invites wood rot and moulds that attack the structure of your building. If the progression is not stopped and remediation undertaken, walls may begin to fall. This type of construction is meant to provide better thermal qualities and protection from damp. That is exactly what it does except when the wall ties rust away in the cavity between the two walls. At Ray Betts, we replace failed wall tiles with high-quality stainless steel.

Our damp proofing company can assess your buildings wall ties in Walton using specialised tools, knowledge and many years of experience. Once we’ve located and assessed the condition of the wall ties in your building, we’ll offer a report outlining the conditions and what, if any, remedial work is required. Ray Betts is approved by our local building society to provide a comprehensive report to building owners free of charge. We can also undertake the necessary remedial work with guaranteed expert workmanship. Contact Ray Betts if you notice any signs of wall tie failure or detect signs of dampness within the building. We are happy to provide reports for real estate transactions as well.