Damp Proof Membrane in Litherland

damp proof membrane in LitherlandA damp proof membrane in Litherland is great for the structural integrity of your home. Moisture damage can be catastrophic. The moisture from the ground can rise along the walls and mortar through capillary action to cause several problems. Although the process is insidious, rising damp is symptomatic in both dry and wet conditions. Lifting of wallpaper and wall discolouration are signs of rising damp. Other symptoms include softening of the plaster and growth of mould or fungi on the walls. In addition to the walls, concrete floors can also suffer rising damp. If the problem is not curbed, your home can turn into a dangerous living space.

If you are a resident in Litherland, damp proof membrane is something worth having. Rising damp can be a recipe for disaster. Damp can cause timber decay and invite insect infestation. Despite the moisture, damp increases the risk of dry rot. Moreover, the rising damp damages plaster and brickwork. Within no time the damp can spread to the entire house and cause structural damage. Installation of damp proof membrane is an effective solution to rising damp. It is an impermeable membrane that prevents the capillary movement of moisture. Damp proofing is recommended by structural engineers. However, the installation is best handled by damp proofing specialists. We are a leading name when it comes to damp proofing. Our reputation is unparalleled and our history dates back to 1984. Over the years we have worked on both residential and commercial contracts and our services have never fallen short of impressive.

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