Damp Proofing Service in Litherland

Damp Proofing Service in LitherlandFor a professional and experienced damp proofing service in Litherland, nobody does it like Ray Betts. We’ve been established since 1984; we provide a 30-year guarantee, and we are approved estimators by the local authority and building society for both domestic and commercial. If you want a damp proof living and working environment, we can make that happen for you. It’s recommended that any home or commercial space you consider buying should be inspected for damp before you purchase it. Minor problems have a way of becoming major problems when neglected. The thing about damp is you might not know it’s there until damage such as mould, dry rot, rising damp and wet rot have compromised the building structure.

At Ray Betts, we can prepare an inspection report on any property you are planning to buy or sell. In Litherland, damp proofing inspections we prepare will determine if there is damp, where it’s coming from and what remedial measures need to be taken along with a cost estimate. Dampness can seep up from the ground into your foundation creating mould. Foundation or roof leaks and seepage from other exterior weak points can cause damp timbers that attract fungi that weaken the timbers. Sometimes, damaging damp is caused by extreme humidity which can be remedied with proper ventilation. Deterioration of wall ties is often the culprit. There may be a musty smell which could be your first clue or you may see mould tracks on walls.

At Ray Betts, our damp proofing service in Litherland is fully equipped with the solution or solutions to resolve your damp problems. Our team is also skilled in the repair or replacement of structural defects and damage due to damp, poor construction or environmental causes. We will now mention that 30-year guarantee again because it is a comprehensive guarantee. Contact Ray Betts and let’s find out if your building has a damp problem. Keep in mind, not all buildings do. Yours may be perfectly dry. But if it’s not, we can remedy that for you by implementing one or more proven solutions. The sooner you call the sooner we can halt the damage.