Damp Proof Membrane in Sefton

Damp Proof Membrane in SeftonReach out to Ray Betts for damp proof membrane in Sefton. We have been in establishment since 1984 and since then, have been providing a thorough and quality free report to domestic and commercial premises in the Merseyside area. Our family-run company is one of the best building firms in the area, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations through and through. This has helped up build a reputation for delivering proper solutions. With our professional services, we can solve your issues, ensuring you remain comfortable in the premise, whether in the home or office setting. We do not compromise on our workmanship. Every task is carried out with the seriousness it deserves so that our customers can be truly satisfied.

We are able to identify, diagnose and treat the problems associated with rising damp in an efficient and professional manner. In Sefton, damp proof membrane is important when using certain insulation materials. Using a damp proof membrane ensures the insulating properties of the material remain uncompromised. For example, if the material you use is timber or wood, using a membrane prevents it from succumbing to damages that may occur due to mould growth or even rot. Just as there are different insulation materials suitable for use, there are various materials you can use for damp proofing. The most widely used are polyethene foils, with other viable options being aluminium and bituminous course. If you’re not sure about which one will be best, don’t worry. Our professionals will offer expert advice so you can have the best one installed.

A damp proof membrane in Sefton will prevent the spread of mould and rot through your property. You’ll probably need one if you notice your decoration being stained or your wallpaper not sticking properly to the wall. Should this happen, contact Ray Betts today and we’ll fix the problem in a timely manner. We provide expert workmanship and have what it takes to deliver the necessary response to any situation. We also deal with cavity wall ties as well as dry and wet rot.