Damp Proofing Service in Garston

Damp Proofing Service in GarstonA damp proofing service in Garston is important in controlling moisture in the walls and floors of buildings. Water has the ability to infiltrate walls and floors and cause damage. Problems associated with dampness are frequent in residences. Although it’s not necessary to achieve absolute moisture resistance, moisture infiltration within walls and floors should be kept to a minimum. The moisture often makes its way from the outdoors to the interior spaces. There are different types of damp. Rising damp involves absorption of water in the inferior wall sections by capillary action.  Most rising damp only reaches 1.5 metres although cases of higher infiltration have been reported. Penetrating damp is often caused by rainwater as it seeps through the outer envelope of a building. On the other hand, condensation damp results from the cooling of moisture within the room on the wall surfaces. Regardless of how it’s formed damp causes damage to walls and floors.

For residents in Garston, a damp proofing service is important in maintaining the structural and aesthetic integrity of interior spaces. Damp causes damage to the indoor paint job. The wall also gets damaged and the floor damage can extend to the tiles. Damp proofing ensures little to no moisture finds its way to the interior surfaces. Proofing can be achieved in several ways. A damp proof course can be installed in the walls to prevent capillary action and rising damp. A damp proof membrane also prevents transmission of moisture across surfaces. The surface coating prevents rainwater seepage while integral damp proofing makes the entire building material impermeable to water. All these methods are effective in damp-proofing a building and ensuring the interior surfaces are free of moisture.

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