Damp Proofing in Seaforth

Damp Proofing in SeaforthOur expert and effective damp proofing in Seaforth is acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive due to our wealth of experience. We provide a specialist damp proofing service that is competitively priced.  Rising damp can be found almost anywhere and is often worse at certain times of the year. It is caused by the capillary action of moisture in the soil around a building. It will most often affect basements and cellars but can equally affect the walls in any ground floor room of a property. The moisture is drawn up the wall in the mortar to a height of around a metre above ground level.  Even if there is no obvious sign of standing water the ground may contain enough moisture to create problems.

Many homes can be affected by rising damp and our experts identify and solve this problem with ease. In Seaforth, damp proofing teams can make a previously unliveable room into a cosy and useful part of the property. The symptoms of damp may include stained wallpaper, softening plaster and mould or fungi on timber and wall surfaces. A concrete floor can also suffer from rising damp. If left this problem will spread throughout the building and can cause timber decay and can even damage brickwork and plaster. It will increase the threat of dry rot and insect infestation and will eventually cause general structural damage to the property.

We are one of the very best companies for damp proofing in Seaforth. Contact Ray Betts today and we will visit your property and give you advice based on our many years of experience. We have been established since 1984 and have provided top quality reports, free of charge to both domestic and commercial premises in our area. Besides damp proofing we also repair cavity wall ties and detect, identify and treat dry and wet rot. We offer comprehensive checks for buyers and seller of property and can offer any structural repairs that may be required. We are considered to be experts in our field and have provided this necessary service to our customers for over 35 years.