Woodworm Treatment in Litherland

Woodworm Treatment in LitherlandYou’ve found a house you want to buy but think woodworm treatment in Litherland might be necessary. You noticed some of the wood in the basement is damp and has the tiniest holes in it. The best thing you can do is call us at Ray Betts and schedule an inspection of the structure by our technicians. We are damp proofing specialists established since 1984. We’ll conduct an inspection of the home and prepare a report of our findings along with an estimate of any work we recommend. You can use our report in your negotiations for the home purchase should you choose to proceed with the purchase. Our report will be very clear as to the extent of the infestation, the cause of it and how we propose to remediate the condition. You’ll note we offer a comprehensive thirty-year guarantee.

Our first step is to find out where the dampness is coming from and make the necessary alterations or repairs to eliminate it. When that’s completed in Litherland, woodworm treatment to eliminate the infestation and prevent future problems is carried out. The dampness could be caused by a poorly ventilated roof, foundation leak or seepage. The dampness is what drew the beetle’s whose larvae feed on the wood. Dry wood is usually not affected. We use insecticides that are safe and effective. The little holes you see will be surrounded by a powdery substance if there is an active infestation. If the timbers are weakened by the woodworm our joiners will replace them with new so the structure is sound.

Check for signs that woodworm treatment in Litherland is needed before you agree to purchase a home. Contact Ray Betts and we will inspect for dampness throughout the home. Even if there is no woodworm problem now, continued dampness left unresolved will likely draw the destructive little beetles eventually. When viewing a house, follow your nose. If there’s a musty smell see where it leads. It will likely be a basement or attic, laundry room or bathroom. It may be coming from inside the walls and between the wall channels. We’ll find the source for you and put an end to the dampness. That will eliminate the threat of woodworm.