Damp Proofer in Orrell

Damp Proofer in OrrellGet in touch with our professional damp proofer in Orrell. It is crucial to prevent your home from being affected by water, but if there’s rising damp, you will certainly need the assistance of a damp proofer to get to the roots of the issue. Rising damp, if left untreated, can encourage the growth of mould and mildew, and will ruin the structure of the house. At Ray Betts, we have been in the field since 1984 providing quality services at competitive prices. If you’ve been noticing discolouration around the walls, or damp walls, call us immediately.

Rising damp is generally the results of water seeping through the walls, and the symptoms are stained colouration, lifting wallpaper, soft plaster, appearances of mould and fungi on timbers as well as walls. In Orrell, our damp proofer will start by checking the affected areas, and while they will treat the issue, it’s important to make sure that the water source is moved away from the house. For instance, a broken gutter that has been discharging near your walls will have to be fixed as soon as possible. If there is bad aeration in the house, you will need to get that fixed as well. Broken pipes underneath will continue to cause rising damp problems until you get them repaired. Call our damp proofer to identify the source of the issue and deal with it in a quick and efficient manner. The solution that our damp proofer will implement will depend on the gravity of the situation, the cause of the rising damp, materials in the house and many more. Whatever the case, when our damp proofer leaves, your home will be as good as new.

Our damp proofer in Orrell is one of the best. We are local authority and building society approved quality estimators. We pride ourselves on the high level of service that we constantly provide each client, making sure to stick to the time frame we’ve agreed to and the price. For more details, or to enquire about our damp proofing services, contact Ray Betts. Choose us for an amazing service!