Cavity Wall Ties in Orrell

Cavity Wall Ties in Orrell Cavity wall ties in Orrell are also referred to as brick ties. They are placed within the cavity walls of buildings. They help join two leave in a cavity wall. This enables two different parts to work together as a single unit. Cavity wall ties are always out of sight after a building construction project is completed. The wall ties play a crucial role in stabilizing the building. When a wall tie is poorly installed or insufficient, many structural issues may occur such as masonry cracks, damp penetration and even collapsing of the outer masonry. Wall ties are made from fire resistant and corrosion free materials. They have a special drip formation that prevents water from traversing into the inner leaf. In the UK, a majority of wall ties were used in construction projects during the 1920s and 1930s. It’s only natural that these have become ineffective over time.

If you reside in an older home in Orrell, cavity wall ties work might be required. Give us a call at Ray Betts to help us determine whether your home requires remedial work. To assess the wall ties in your home, we rely on many types of special equipment. Using metal detectors, we will first locate these ties within your walls. Once found, we rely on fibre optic borescopes to assess their condition. Once we’ve determined the extent of the problem, we will put forward general specifications and suggestions for remedial work.

Don’t wait for structural damage to occur before getting your cavity wall ties in Orrell assessed. Contact Ray Betts today and schedule a cavity wall tie inspection today. If you ignore this issue, you may incur serious and expensive structural damage to your home. You will also jeopardize the health of your loved ones. Apart from cavity wall tie remedial work, we also provide top quality services in damp proofing, dry and wet rot treatments, structural repairs, UPVC window installations and assistance with purchasing and or selling your property. Since 1984, we have provided a first class service to all our customers; let us do the same for you.