Damp Proof Membrane in Bootle

Damp Proof Membrane in BootleWith top-quality damp proof membrane in Bootle from Ray Betts, you can prevent decay and damage to your building. We have a reputation for premium quality, sensible and practical pricing and friendly, customer oriented approach. No matter how big or small the project, our highly-trained, skilled and experienced technicians deliver the goods, every time. We have more than three decades’ experience in this sector and our client base extends through the Merseyside region and beyond. We service both domestic and commercial customers. Apart from this we are also an accredited, local authority and building society approved quality estimator. All our work comes with a comprehensive 30 year guarantee. Dampness is a common problem in the UK and has been a constant source of expense and health risk to building occupants. There are different types of dampness like rising damp, penetrating damp, hygroscopic dampness, and condensation.

Providing damp proofing is mandatory according to building regulations. In Bootle, damp proof membrane is applied to prevent the transmission of moisture and is part of the overall damp proof course in the construction. In earlier times, porous materials like lime-based mortar and natural stone were used in construction along with water based paints. These materials allowed dampness to evaporate into the air without causing a build-up of moisture. However, modern impermeable materials like tiles, linoleum, gypsum, cement and synthetic paints when used in older constructions lead to dampness. At one time, hazardous materials like asbestos were used to prevent moisture build-up. Today, it’s important to evaluate the health risks involved in using different materials in preventing dampness.

Damp proof membrane in Bootle is essentially a barrier that prevents moisture from passing between layers of construction. For instance, it may be laid between the concrete sub-floor and the covering materials like tiles, wood, or carpet. There are different types of membranes, including liquid membranes and those that provide cavity drainage. These are used based on the nature and extent of the problem. If you have a problem with any damp associated problems, contact Ray Betts and we will do a site inspection to determine the extent of the problem. Our expert technicians do a thorough evaluation to ensure that there are no holes or cracks before we lay the membrane.