Damp Proofing Service in Seaforth

Damp Proofing Service in SeaforthSearch for a company that provides a professional damp proofing service in Seaforth if you suspect you have damp problems in your home. Problems associated with rising damp are, unfortunately, more common than one would think, particularly in older homes. If you need a solution to your home’s rising damp problem speak to Ray Betts for a first class damp proofing service. Recognised as a leading company in the area, we’ve provided a high level of workmanship to all our clients since 1984, and continue to do so today.

For your older home in Seaforth, a damp proofing service may be exactly what you need. Rising damp is a result of capillary action – this is the spontaneous flow or movement of a liquid, like water, into porous material. Rising damp is where moisture from the ground can rise up inside the walls to up to just about 1 metre above ground level. There are typical symptoms of rising damp, such as lifting wallpaper, softening plaster, and discoloured or stained decoration. This is not a problem that can be solved by the weekend DIY enthusiast, and needs to be seen to by an experienced professional. Rising damp, if left untreated, can cause structural damage to your building. In order to avoid further damage to your home, it is best to use the services of an established damp proofing company. Damp areas within a home often encourage the growth of mould and rot, both of which can cause health problems. They will also exuberate the current problem in the house.

A damp proofing service in Seaforth is an excellent way to address the rising damp problem in your home. To find out more about how we can assist you, contact Ray Betts today. We will send our qualified team to your home for an inspection of the damp problem in order to best advise on the most suitable course of action.  We are highly regarded as damp proofing specialists. Our team will be able to identify, diagnose and treat the problems associated with rising damp, and will do so in an efficient and professional manner.