Rising Damp Problems in Garston

Rising Damp Problems in GarstonHave you noticed the effects of rising damp problems in Garston in your home?  If you suspect they are caused from rising damp, don’t delay in contacting the experts at Ray Betts. Rising damp normally happens when there is pooled water that is absorbed through the walls. Lifting wallpaper, softening plaster, stained decoration and growth of mould and fungi are evidence of rising damp issues. The quicker you get the issue looked at, the better. If left unattended, your home may end up with structural damage, timber decay, as well as excess damage to brickwork and plaster. The chances of dry rot is also increased.  Left untreated, rising damp can result in more expensive repairs, and at worst, can cause severe structural damage to your home. The best result to any rising damp problems is to contact specialist damp proofers as soon as possible.

If you suspect in Garston, rising damp problems, our skilled team can assist. We were first established in 1984, and have built an enviable reputation for quickly identifying, diagnosing and treating problems often associated with rising damp. Give us a call, and we will send a team to your home to assess the problem. We will also provide a competitively priced quote for the best solution to the rising damp problem. Our damp proofing specialists will provide a damp proofing solution in an efficient and professional manner. Rising damp is a problem most often found in older homes. This could be a result of a damaged damp proofing membrane, or in some cases, where no damp proofing was installed.

If your home has rising damp problems, it is best to have it seen to as soon as possible. Ignoring it will only cause the problem to worsen, resulting in expensive and lengthy repair work. When you suspect your home has rising damp problems, contact Ray Betts. We can also assist cavity wall ties, dry and wet problems, and structural repairs. As a local authority and building society approved quality estimators, we can also provide a comprehensive 30 year guarantee.