Damp Proofing Service in Garston

Damp Proofing Service in GarstonYou need a reliable and reputed damp proofing service in Garston to protect your building and the health of its occupants. Dampness from below and above ground, atmospheric conditions and non-functioning of plumbing systems can become serious problems  unless they are identified, diagnosed and tackled early. If you have seniors and young children, damp proofing your home is essential. For business owners and companies with employees suffering from respiratory problems, dampness can become a serious issue in the work-place. At Ray Betts, we have more than three decades’ experience in dealing with damp proofing issues in Liverpool and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive, end to end solutions at very attractive, competitive rates.

Given the climatic conditions in our country, dampness is a perennial problem. In Garston, damp proofing service providers are aware that damp can spread very rapidly throughout the property if it’s not diagnosed and treated early. The damage that it causes affects your entire structure, including timber, brick-work and plaster. Apart from causing unsightly damp patches, dampness enables the spread of insect, dry rot and fungus infestations. More seriously, dampness if left untreated can threaten the stability of the structure itself. Inside the building, dampness can damage your furniture, expensive furnishings and valuable artwork. As experts in this sector for many decades, our experienced team can quickly spot the location, quantity and type of dampness. We can also advise you on where the problem lies and help you tackle it at the root.

Dampness can come up from the ground, due to inadequate drainage. Damp proofing service in Garston conducted by experts can immediately locate the site of origin of the problem. Ground water can rise up along the walls and mortar-beds, up to a height of one meter in some areas. The initial symptoms may be in the form of stained decoration, softening of plaster and lifting of wall-paper and the presence of mold and fungus on the walls and timber. If you think you need a damp proofing service, contact Ray Betts for more information and assistance. Concrete flooring in your cellar or basement can be affected by the damp. Other causes include condensation, pipe-leakage, and faulty construction.