Rising Damp Problems in Crosby

Rising Damp Problems in CrosbyRising damp problems in Crosby are not as unusual as one may think. It is more common in older homes as the damp proof course which was installed to prevent rising damp may have been damaged. It also affects buildings where the level of the ground around the property has been raised, so bridging the original damp proof course by the addition of a new flower bed, path or driveway. When the damp proof course is damaged or failed, it will allow water from the ground to rise through the brickwork of the house.

For older homes in Crosby, rising damp problems are unsightly, potentially unhealthy and often leads to timber decay. If you have a problem with rising damp in your home, it is best to contact dampproofing experts to help put a stop to the problem. If you are uncertain what rising damp looks like, there are a number of telltale signs. These would include a ‘tide mark’ on the wall above the skirting boards, usually about 1 m from the floor. Another would be peeling wallpaper or lifting paint, and also a mushroom like odour. A quick way of testing whether you have a rising damp problem in your home is to run your hands down the walls. If your walls are covered with wallpaper, it is likely that you will hear a crunching sound.  Rising damp problems should be seen to as soon as possible, and by having a professional remedy the problem quickly, the less damage will occur on your property.

Rising damp problems in Crosby are best seen to by an expert. For assistance with rising damp problems, contact Ray Betts today. Established since 1984, our team of professionals will visit your home to identify the damp problem, and determine the best means of solving the issue. Our specialist damp proofing service is comprehensive and competitively priced. We know how destructive rising damp can be, and once we have identified the cause of the problem, we can provide an effective solution. In order to prevent further damage to your property caused by rising damp, speak to Ray Betts today.