Looking for a Damp Proofer in Litherland

Looking for a  Damp Proofer in LitherlandWhen looking for a damp proofer in Litherland you need to ask questions of potential contractors because you need more than a damp proofer. You also need a joiner that can replace and repair timbers, a specialist in locating and replacing wall ties, and a plasterer to repair damaged walls. You need a contractor with total knowledge of building construction from the ground up. The reason being that if your building is invaded by damp, there is more to the solution than locating and stopping it at its source. Remedial work may be necessary to repair any damage to the structural timbers, brickwork or foundation as well as interior walls. If you hire just a damp proofer, you may end up having to hire two or three other tradesmen.

The best deal you can get is from Ray Betts. Anyone in Litherland looking for a damp proofer will be glad they called us. We will come to your building, domestic or commercial, and prepare a free survey and cost estimate of any work needed. Our team is skilled in all the needed trades to find the source of the damp, eliminate it and perform any repairs needed because of damage from damp. Ours is the name you will hear mentioned if you ask about for a damp proofing  company. Ray Betts has been established in the Merseyside area for over 30 years. We put the customer first and one way we do that is our 30 year guarantee on all our services.

Looking for a damp proofer in Litherland is as simple as one phone call to Ray Betts. Rising damp comes up from the ground under the foundation of buildings and seeps up the walls a few inches. That’s all it takes for mould to grow, giving off that musty smell. Left untreated damp rot can set in causing structural damage. Contact Ray Betts and let us provide you with your free survey, especially if you’ve noticed dampness coming up through the basement floor. We know the area well and the sections most prone to dampness. The price we quote you includes all needed work. No add ons and no surprises at completion; just a nice dry basement.