Damp Proofing Service in Seaforth

Damp Proofing Service in SeaforthOur damp proofing service in Seaforth takes customer service seriously. We’ve been in this business for a long time and we often see damage from damp that the customer did not know was there. Most of us take for granted that there will be a bit of dampness and musty smell in the basement or mould growth in areas like showers and laundry rooms. We bleach the shower and laundry room and keep items stored in the basement in sealed containers. Those are good practices because they help protect belongings and stop mould growth from spreading across the ceiling and walls in baths and laundry rooms. It’s the part the homeowner can’t see that is worrisome. If there are surface signs of dampness, likely it has first penetrated into the structural parts of your home.

The thing is, home buyers these days have learned what we at Ray Betts have always known. That is, in Seaforth, damp proofing service is part of a healthy home. If it smells damp, damage is likely taking place somewhere in the unseen structure of the home. Home buyers ask for damp surveys and if the survey shows damage it can quash the sale of a house. That’s really too bad because the dampness can be remedied. Nobody has to give up the home they want as long as they call us in for damp proofing. What we recommend to home sellers is they get a damp survey before they put their home on the market. If it’s clear, we give them a certificate saying it’s clear and if it’s not we damp proof and then give them the certificate. Buyers like seeing that clean bill of health when viewing a home.

Even if you are not planning to sell your home soon contact Ray Betts for damp proofing service in Seaforth if you notice those early signs of mould or damp concrete in the basement. Picture the man in the shower leaning against a wall that has just caved in from dampness. It has happened. If anyone had pushed at the wall with their finger, they would have felt the softness. Call us for a dampness survey and if needed remedial work to eliminate it.