Rising Damp Problems in Garston

Rising Damp Problems in GarstonRising damp problems in Garston happen because of the moisture that is present in the walls as a result of the water that may be present underground. Moisture rises up through the walls regardless of whether they are made of brick, concrete or stone, and travels upwards. The moisture will only stop going up when it has reached a height where gravity simply counteracts the upwards force of this capillary movement. Normally, it may reach up to 1.2 metres and in many cases, will leave salt deposits. The most tell-tale signs will include tide lines on your walls, damp or rotting flooring and black spots of mould appearing on your walls.

For homeowners in Garston, rising damp problems should be seen to as soon as possible. Not repairing any problems may just entail other problems such as damp spreading throughout the property, weakening the house structure, and encouraging the growth of mould and mildew which may lead to health issues. At Ray Betts, having been in the field for a number of years, we have acquired a wealth of experience on how to effectively remedy the situation. If you are not too sure how to proceed, give us a call and we will send out the best teams. They will assess the situation and provide you with a proposal on how they plan to proceed, the best course of actions and estimates. If you are satisfied with all aspects, our team will then proceed with the work. It’s important to treat rising damp as soon as possible; the damages that can be done when left untreated will be far more destructive, and more expensive to repair in the long run.

If you are having rising damp problems in Garston, we will be pleased to assist you. For any further details, please contact Ray Betts. Our teams are trained and qualified to carry out surveys and any remedial work. Apart from rising damp, we can also look at dry and wet rot, cavity wall ties and if required, install damp proofing treatment.