Rising Damp Problems in Litherland

Rising Damp Problems in LitherlandRising damp problems in Litherland are usually caused by excess moisture in your building. We can treat all damp and rot problems in your home. The signs will normally begin to show near the floor and the wall paper or plaster will discolour or bubble. This is not only unsightly but allows fungi and mould to grow.  In bad cases this can cause health issues and could even lead to sick building syndrome. Damp allows rot to flourish this in turn spreads spores in the air and these can be inhaled by the occupants.  In an area of high infestation it will cause asthma and allergic reactions. In severe cases it can cause the mortar to crumble and the house to become unstable.

If you notice your walls have stains in Litherland, rising damp problems may be the cause. We are expert at identifying the cause of the problem and can affordably rectify it. Our first task will be to identify what is causing the damp. If possible we will first rectify the cause before dealing with the damage. If left too long this can become expensive and that is why we advise customers to catch damp as quickly as possible. If caught early it means less damage to the house and the people in the house. If there is moisture in the ground and there is a pathway to the bricks and cement then the damp will rise up the wall due to capillary action.

We are expert at treating rising damp problems in Litherland. Contact Ray Betts today if you suspect you may have a problem.  We have been in the damp proofing business since 1994 and have a wealth of knowledge in all areas of damp in the home and also in commercial buildings. We have been approved as quality estimators by the local authority and building society. Another of our services is woodworm treatment and replacement of wall ties. We are proficient in structural repairs and general building projects.