Find a Damp Proofer in Garston

Find a Damp Proofer in GarstonWhen you need to find a damp proofer in Garston, it’s usually because you’re concerned about seepage, leakage or rising damp in your building. Whether it’s a home, office, retail or hospitality space, these problems can pose a health and safety hazard besides ruining your interiors, furniture and valuables. At Ray Betts we believe that our more than three decades of experience qualifies us to deal with any kind of damp proofing need that you may have. Being local authority and building society approved quality estimators, we can also offer a comprehensive thirty year guarantee on our services. While looking for the right damp proofer, ensure that you select a local business rather than a large franchisee. This is much more useful in the long run, because we are completely in sync with local needs, weather/climate conditions, common local problems and the geographical and historical factors that are involved.

Another issue to keep in mind is that your problem has to be fully analyzed, identified, located and understood before the solution can be found. In Garston, finding a damp proofer may not be a particularly difficult proposition, but finding the right one who will thoroughly investigate the root cause of the issue is not very easy. Many “self-certified” and unqualified “specialists” make tall claims and promises, but you could end up wasting a lot of time and money, besides worsening the problem if you select the wrong person. Check whether the company is a member of certified trade associations or professional bodies. Experts in building-preservation should be contacted if you live in an older/heritage building. Damp buildings are extremely hazardous to live in if the occupants are elderly, or the family has small children.

When you want to find a damp proofer in Garston who not only understands the problem but can also match your budget and financial constraints, we’re the right people for you. We offer realistic, practical and cost-affordable solutions. Your problem may be caused by rising damp, leaking pipes, condensation, penetrative or hydrostatic damp. Contact Ray Betts if you need to find a damp proofer. We ensure that it’s properly identified before undertaking any measures to tackle it.