Damp Proofing Service in Hightown

damp proofing service in HightownWhat is damp proofing service in Hightown?Damp proofing refers to the methods and treatments used to arrest damp from getting absorbed into floors and walls in a property. Any property is susceptible to damp, especially older homes that were constructed without damp proofing membranes. There are two types of damp: penetrating damp and rising damp. It takes a professional damp specialist to identify which type of damp is present and how to treat it. Penetrating damp commonly occurs in buildings with solid wall construction. Buildings where the cavity wall is poor are susceptible to penetrating damp. When it rains, moisture enters through the cavity wall. Rising damp occurs in old edifices when groundwater rises up via the walls, masonry and floors through capillary action. Both types of damp are capable of destroying the foundation of a home.

For homes in Hightown, damp proofing service can be sought from Ray Betts. We are the leading specialists when it comes to finding, identifying and treating damp. If you neglect to deal with damp, it will quickly spread through your property. Slowly the timber in the foundation will decay. It also causes extensive damage to plaster and brickwork. When there is too much damp present, insect infestations and dry rot are highly likely. You can also expect structural damage. Common symptoms of damp include lifting wallpaper, stained decoration, fungi or mould in the timber, softening plaster and loose concrete floor.

If you notice moisture in the walls of your home, consider calling a damp proofing service in Hightown. Give Ray Betts a call today to learn more about their services. Stay one step ahead of damp by partnering with specialists. At Ray Betts, we are committed to protecting your home from the forces of nature. Apart from damp proofing, we also conduct dry and wet rot treatments, structural repairs and UPVC window treatments. If you choose to ignore the problem of damp, you can end up with irreversible damage to your property.