Damp Problems in Litherland

Damp Problems in LitherlandThere are signs you have damp problems in Litherland but you may not notice them straight away. By the time you do the resulting damage could be extensive requiring replacement of timbers, wall repair and redecoration. Rising damp is caused by groundwater that penetrates and rises up through your walls no higher than 1 metre before gravity intervenes. Some signs are a damp basement floor, bubbled plaster just above your baseboard or even on the baseboard. You may see black streaking or spotting in corners of your room low to the floor indicating mould. You may see wallpaper peeling or paint bubbled and discover the wall beneath is soft. If you spot any signs call Ray Betts Damp Proofing and we will conduct a survey.

At Ray Betts when we conduct a survey to pinpoint the reason rising damp is entering your home it is thorough. In Litherland, damp problems can have a number of causes. If you have double walls, it could mean debris has wedged between the walls giving ground dampness a ladder up. Perhaps your damp proof course that creates a barrier to stop groundwater from rising is faulty or never installed when the house was built. Part of our solution may be the replacement of the damp proof course according to British Standards. Chemical solutions may be injected into the walls that create a waterproof layer. There are a number of remedies we use for damp proofing.

Ray Betts Damp Proofing has the experience and equipment to identify rising damp problems in Litherland. Once we find the cause and extent of damage, we make repairs and then damp proof your home using various techniques and materials. Once the walls have dried out your damp problems should be solved once damp proofing is complete. You can redecorate when the walls are dry. Contact Ray Betts at the first sign of rising damp so the problem can be resolved before further damage occurs. You will enjoy better air quality when we are finished and structural damage will be avoided. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, get a rising damp survey first. Your sale will go more smoothly.