Looking for a Damp Proofer in Halewood

Looking for a Damp Proofer in HalewoodLooking for a damp proofer in Halewood can save you a lot of money. If you have damp in your home you will notice a musty smell and may see the paint near the floor start to bubble or the wallpaper may become stained.  These are warning signs that there is damp rising up the walls. If you are buying a house we can examine it for you and will spot any sign of damp before you buy the house. If damp is left it can weaken the structure of the building.  Damp occurs where there is moisture that comes into direct contact with the bricks and concrete of the walls.  Through capillary action, the moisture rises up the wall.

If you suspect you have a problem in Halewood, then looking for a damp proofer is the sensible thing to do. Do not leave it as it will end up being a very expensive repair.  The sooner we can tackle the problem the better.  We can turn a damp and musty basement into a liveable room that can be used as a playroom or a den with careful damp proofing. This not only gives you an extra room but also protects the rest of your property.

Looking for a damp proofer in Halewood? Contact Ray Betts today if you are looking for a professional damp proofer and we will inspect your property for damp. Our team are expert at finding any damp that may exist. They will trace it to the source and if at all possible will offer advice on removing the problem. We will also have to damp proof the area already affected by the damp. This will often entail removing plaster from the walls and damp proofing the walls. There is no other way to protect your building from rising damp. Damp will normally rise to about a metre above ground level so if you have a cellar or a basement you will need all the walls damp proofed.