Rising Damp Problems in Belle Vale

rising damp problems in Belle ValeYou’ve probably heard about rising damp problems in Belle Vale. Our nation is known for its more or less constant rain, so we all do our best to have good, solid, leak-proof roofs. There’s another issue that can arise from prevailing wet conditions though. You see, when you live in a region where it’s constantly drizzling, your problems can rise up from the ground, literally. It’s not just about mud, soggy paths, or water-borne pests. Sometimes, the liquid in the ground climbs up walls, through floors, and into buildings. This matter can be anything from mildly irritating to disastrous.

For homeowners in Belle Vale, rising damp problems are easy to diagnose. If you know what to look for, innocuous signs can show you that the water level in your building is reaching troublesome levels. Damp shows itself in walls, floors, and furnishings. If you notice that your wallpaper is peeling, your walls are stained, or your surfaces are showing signs of mould and fungi, you probably have an issue with rising damp. Unless you deal with it, it will spread throughout your property, and cause even more damage.

If left untreated, rising damp problems in Belle Vale can harm the structure of your building by softening your plaster, disintegrating your bricks, decaying the timber, rotting the framework of your house, and encouraging pest infestations. Fortunately, there’s no reason at all for things to get that bad. The moment you see signs of stains, peels, or rot, contact Ray Betts. We have several different ways of repairing your rising damp and preventing it from happening again. We can replace your cavity wall ties to reinforce your home’s waterproofing. Our expert technicians can undo the damage done by dry rot wood fungi and wet rot cellar fungi. We’ll detect and prevent rising moisture at its source, then treat your building with preservative chemicals. Don’t worry about harsh odours. We make sure that all our preservative sprays, gels, or pastes have a mild scent to avoid irritating our customers. So if you’re having moisture issues, give us a call and we’ll dry it up right from the inside.