Experienced Damp Proofer in Orrell

experienced damp proofer in OrrellAn experienced damp proofer in Orrell is efficient and affordable. We can save your home from the damage caused by rising damp, mould and rot. This can happen in brick homes as well as wooden homes. There is often an unseen source of damp which can be at the foundation level. Through capillary action the moisture moves upwards and frequently gets between the bricks and the plaster. This is often first noticed as a stain or bubbling paint. It needs to be stopped as soon as possible. The longer you leave it the worse the damage to your home. Once the mould and fungi start to grow your family could have health problems.

When you have a musty cellar in Orrell, an experienced damp proofer can convert the room into a habitable, dry and useful space. We will need to establish the source of the moisture and combat the effects on the walls of your home. We have extensive knowledge through our years of experience and can get to the root of the problem quickly. Once the problem is identified we will offer you a free quotation and explain to you the work that needs to be done. If it is caught early the project is reasonably priced. The longer it is left the more expensive it will be to rectify the damage. If it is not treated it could cause structural damage to the building. It will cause the timber in the home to decay. It does not generally rise more than a metre from the ground level but can be very destructive.

An experienced damp proofer in Orrell can save your home from damage. Contact Ray Betts today and we will visit your home or business premises and examine the problem. We have over 30 years of experience in damp proofing buildings and are very proud of our reputation as one of the best damp proofers in the area. We are used extensively by the local authority and building societies as approved quality estimators. Let an experienced damp proofer solve your home’s damp problems and speak to Ray Betts.