Experienced Damp Proofer in Garston

Experienced Damp Proofer in GarstonYou can tell an experienced dam proofer in Garston from an inadequate service by the attention they give to the details when inspecting your home. They may find one obvious source of moisture in your home but if they stop there don’t be surprised if treating that source fails to resolve your problem. Sometimes all the sources can’t be found without digging deeper into the wall cavities, around the chimney and eaves and along the foundation. At Ray Betts our experience technicians will find all the sources of dampness in your home. Once that is done, our work of effective damp proofing begins. That may involve several techniques from replacing flashing around the chimney to sealing cracked foundations.

Sometimes when dampness penetrates a home the foundation timbers are affected and may need replacement before the damp proofing begins. In Garston, experienced damp proofer Ray Betts knows water seeping in through windows with wood rot won’t stop until the rotted wood is replaced. You won’t have to call another contractor to replace damaged wood and flashings. Ray Betts qualified joiners are there on site to make repairs as part of the damp proofing service. Sometimes we have to go into the walls to replace wood joists but we promise that once the job is complete, your walls will look new. What you will notice is that the musty and mouldy smell is gone.

Some people don’t see the need for an experienced damp proofer in Garston. If there is seepage through the basement floor during heavy rains or water stains on wooden window sills they are not bothered with it. Call us at Ray Betts Damp Proofing and let us show you how much damage is occurring that you can’t see. Even if you are only experiencing basement seepage occasionally unseen damage may occur through the growth of mould you may or may not see. You can smell it though and the stuff can be dangerous. If you have an infant, elderly person or someone with asthma living in your home, you need to remove the mould and its cause to create a healthy environment for our family.