Looking For a Damp Proofer in Knowsley

Looking For a Damp Proofer in KnowsleyIf you are looking for a damp proofer in Knowsley, use the services of a reputable company for excellent results. Your home may have problems with rising damp, particularly if it is an older building. Symptoms of damp problems in your house can include curling or discoloured wallpaper, wet or rotting skirting boards, damp-stained walls and wet or damp plaster or brickwork. Damp problems should be rectified as quickly as possible as left unattended, can cause further problems including structural damage to the house. A damp building is also an unhealthy environment for the occupants, especially for children and the elderly, or those with chest ailments like asthma.

For condensation or rising damp issues in your house in Knowsley, looking for a damp proofer is a top priority. We have been established since 1984, and are regarded as one of the leading building firms in the area. Our professional services include damp proofing, cavity wall ties, structural repairs and UPVC windows. We take great pride in delivering workmanship of an extremely high standard, our competitive prices, and our willingness to complete a job that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our eye for detail and can-do attitude means that you will receive a high standard of work. We are also highly regarded for our efficiency, reliability and ability to work within specific timeframes.

Looking for a damp proofer in Knowsley is the first step in solving the damp problems in your house. When you contact Ray Betts, we will send out a team of specialists to your property to identify the type of damp problem. We will then determine the best solution to the problem and provide a competitive quote for your perusal. Damp problems in a building must be remedied in the shortest time possible. Left untreated, they will develop into a larger problem which can cause extensive damage to your property. This will be an expensive project to repair, and early detection and swift intervention can keep the costs to a minimum. For any damp problems in your building, be sure to use the services of professionals – speak to Ray Betts.