Need a Damp Proofer in Litherland?

Need a Damp Proofer in LitherlandIf you need a damp proofer in Litherland, contact the most experienced and qualified company.  We have over 30 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of damp proofing.  Our knowledge allows us to effectively repair the damage and prevent a recurrence.  In some cases this will mean removing some of the plaster to get at the wall.  If the damp is not stopped it could lead to the building becoming unsafe. It also allows mould to grow and this can affect the health of the family as fungal spores can cause asthma and allergy attacks. There is no way to contain this besides removing the plaster and stopping the damp.

If you notice stains on the wallpaper in Litherland, you need a damp proofer to check your home. In many cases damp is caused by capillary action where the concrete draws water up the wall and this then allows the mould and fungi to grow in the warm damp conditions inside the house.  The longer you leave the problem the worst it will get. As soon as you suspect there may be damp either through smell or sight, call us.  The smaller the damp area the more affordable it will be to repair the problem.  If you have a basement or a cellar this will normally be the first place the damp will start. If it can be eradicated from this area the whole house will be safe.

Do you need a damp proofer in Litherland to rid your house of mould? Contact Ray Betts today and one of our highly trained damp proofers will come and inspect your property. We specialise in damp proofing a well as woodworm treatment and wall ties.  We have the latest state of the art machinery to help us ascertain the extent of any damage your home may have suffered. We have the benefit of experience to know where to look for the root cause of damp.  Once it has been found, we can act to stop it from happening again.