Rising Damp Problems in Seaforth

 Rising Damp Problems in SeaforthRising damp problems in Seaforth are not to be taken lightly. Rising damp can also lead to other problems such as inadequate ventilation. The damp patches on your walls and the paint flaking off are just some of the tell-tale signs. You may be tempted to leave it for a while longer, but black mould will appear and this isn’t good for your health and can both contribute towards and aggravate allergies and asthma. Not only that, but rising damp also causes unpleasant musty smells in your home. We have been operating since 1984, providing solutions to damp problems to both commercial and domestic clients. If you do not pay attention to rising damp, it can become a large problem, destroying your masonry and creating the necessity of structural repairs. Most damp problems are caused by condensation, rain penetration or rising damp. Rising damp occurs when the ground water travels upwards through porous the building materials.

We’re a family run business who believe in exceeding the expectations of our customers. In Seaforth, rising damp problems can be effectively seen to by our experienced technicians. As damp proofing specialists, we know exactly what to look for and are able to identify and treat your damp problems before it spreads throughout your entire property. We will conduct an inspection of your building to determine the extent of the rising damp problem, and the best solution to the problem.

Rising damp problems in Seaforth should always be dealt with by experts. This ensures that the problem is solved, and there are no further problems. If you are concerned about rising damp problems in your house, contact Ray Betts. We are local authority and building society approved quality estimators and we are regarded as specialists in our field. We are confident about our quality work and we provide our customers with a 30-year guarantee. You can rely on our efficient, reliable, reputable and professional service, ensuring peace of mind that the rising damp problem in your house is a thing of the past.