Looking for a Damp Proofer in Orrell

Looking for a Damp Proofer in OrrellWhen you are looking for a damp proofer in Orrell, make sure that you hire a company that is experienced in all aspects of damp proofing. Have you noticed condensation on your walls? Perhaps you have seen dark mould appearing, damp walls, or an unpleasant smell in your home? It is likely that you have a damp problem and should call in the experts to have it seen to. Left untreated, damp problems will cause timber decay and structural damage. A damp proofer will find the underlying cause of the damp and put measures in place to prevent any problems from getting worse.

Damp proofing is best left to the experts. In Orrell, looking for a damp proofer means using the services of a professional to eradicate the damp problems in your home. We provide a specialist damp proofing service in that is comprehensive and competitively priced. If you are uncertain about what type of damp is present in your home, speak to us and we will send our specialists to determine both the type of damp problem and the best method to solve the problem. Since 1984, we have provided top class damp proofing solutions to our customers. We are local authority and building society approved quality estimators. We can also provide a comprehensive 30 year guarantee on our work.

At the first sign of damp, start looking for a damp proofer in Orrell to ensure no further damage to your home. Our services are highly regarded and our specialists will identify, diagnose and treat any problems associated with damp in an efficient and professional manner. When you are looking for a damp proofer that ticks all the right boxes, contact Ray Betts. We will source and remove the cause of the damp problem, and provide the most effective treatment for the particular problem. We are also available for any structural repairs that may be necessary as a result of the damp problem.