Need a Damp Proofer in Melling

need a damp proofer in MellingDo you need a damp proofer in Melling? We can remove the stains from rising damp and dry and wet rot from your home. We have many years of experience in finding and eliminating the causes of damp in homes and offices. Many of the reasons are caused by incorrect safeguards during the initial building of the property or because of age. There are as many causes as there are solutions and you need a professional who knows what they are doing. We will visit your property and establish the cause of your problem. Some of the symptoms may be obvious to the property owner. Stains may form on walls or plaster may soften. Wallpaper will become loose and can detach from the wall. You may find mould or fungi growing on the wall or on timber in your home. Concrete floors are also susceptible to rising damp.

When you notice stains creeping up your walls in Melling, you need a damp proofer. We have over 30 years of experience in combating damp and are local authority and building approved and our work comes with a 30 year guarantee. Damp is caused by capillary action in which the water is sucked up the walls creating damp areas where mould and fungi can grow. This can happen anywhere even when the area around the house appears dry. Our expert team can trace the cause of the moisture and through a number of methods will stop it encroaching on your home. It can sometimes be a simple solution like leading the water away from the home but it could also be a larger problem where the house was not efficiently damp proofed initially.

Need a damp proofer in Melling? Contact Ray Betts today and have our experienced team examine your problem. This is not something that will just go away when you have dry weather it will remain and can eventually cause severe structural damage to your home. This could be a very costly repair. Catch the problem early and solve it once and for all.