Need a Damp Proofing Service in Bootle

Need a Damp Proofing Service in BootleWhen you need a damp proofing service in Bootle, speak to Ray Betts. We are damp proofing specialists who can tackle any problem associated with rising damp, as well as dry and wet rot too. Since 1984 our services have been providing top quality, effective solutions to domestic and commercial properties throughout the Merseyside area and beyond.

If you have found signs of rising damp in Bootle and need a damp proofing service, we will arrive promptly for a survey and analysis of the problem and extent of the damage. We can commence with the repair work immediately after your go-ahead. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure the minimum of disruption to you and your tenants or employees. Do you know what rising damp is? It is the result of capillary action that allows moisture from the ground to rise up within walls and mortar beds. This can happen through thick concrete and can occur in both wet and dry conditions. It is easily identifiable, as the damp rises to approximately one metre above ground level. If you notice what looks like a tide mark on your walls, stained or lifting wallpaper, softening plaster or mould and fungi in the walls, you probably have a rising damp problem.

Rising damp will spread through a property if left untreated, so you need a damp proofing service in Bootle to treat the problem as soon as possible. Rising damp leads to timber decay and structural damage even in brickwork and plaster, and increases the threat of dry rot and insect infestations. Contact Ray Betts if you need a damp proofing service that will treat the existing damp problem and effectively prevent a reoccurrence. They will professionally and efficiently provide the ultimate rising damp solution at an affordable price.