Damp Proofing Expert in Maghull

Damp Proofing Expert in Maghull Consider the services of a damp proofing expert in Maghull if you have noticed signs of damp penetration in your home. Damp proofing your home is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. Moisture from the ground can rise up inside the walls of your house. If you are experiencing lifting wallpaper, mould or fungi in timber surfaces and stained decoration, then it is possible that you have rising damp in your home. If you do not treat the rising damp then it can spread through the whole property, increase the threat of dry rot and insect infestations. It will also cause timber decay and damage to the general structures of your house.

If you live in Maghull, damp proofing experts from Ray Betts can assist you. They will advise you on the best methods for damp proofing your home to prevent the occurrence of rising damp.  Should your home already have rising damp, they can offer to survey, locate and remove the source of moisture and then do structural repairs, should it be necessary. Once the damage to your home has been repaired, they will proceed to install quality damp proofing methods. It is advised that you are extra vigilant in ensuring that your home is damp proof, especially if you live in a very wet area. The mould and fungi growth that can be brought by rising damp can prove harmful to people living in your home. The last thing you need is your children getting sick from using a bathroom that doesn’t have adequate damp proofing methods in place.

If you hesitate to contact Ray Betts for a damp proofing expert in Maghull, your home may experience the beginning of rot and decay. Take pride in the building you live in, put your family’s health first and make sure that rising damp won’t be an issue again. The dedicated team at Ray Betts is more than willing to give you helpful advice and specialist services.