Looking for Woodworm Treatment in Huyton

Looking for Woodworm Treatment in HuytonWhen looking for woodworm treatment in Huyton, you definitely want the professionals! DIY home solutions are great in a number of areas, but when it comes to pest control, it is in your best interests to find a qualified and experienced tradesman. While a DIY homeowner could purchase woodworm treatment products such as a Boron-based paste or gel and fill the holes, this may not be effective in eradicating the woodworm presence, and even less effective in protecting against re-infestation later. In fact, attempting to treat woodworm damage caused by the House Longhorn Beetle or Death Watch Beetle could be detrimental, as the structural damage these beetles leave behind is severe.

A professional will be able to assess the damage and spread of the infestation in a way that an untrained eye cannot. In Huyton, looking for woodworm treatment should start and end with Ray Betts. They are a leading building firm with years of experience in protecting your home from all manner of risks. These include damp proofing, cavity wall ties, dry and wet rot and, of course, woodworm. There are three main types of woodworm beetle in the UK, each with their own type of destructive habits, which Ray Betts can identify and provide individual solutions for.

If you are looking for woodworm treatment in Huyton, it is also worthwhile to look for a specialist that can handle structural decay, as the two problems often go hand in hand. This is why Ray Betts are an excellent choice; they have the means and expertise to handle any decay, rot and damage in your timbre structures and even your furniture, whether it was caused by the woodworm infestation or not. Contact Ray Betts if you are looking for woodworm treatment that offers outstanding results. They will ensure that every last trace of the infestation is removed and prevent it from returning.