Need Woodworm Treatment in Crosby

Need Woodworm Treatment in CrosbyNeed woodworm treatment in Crosby? If you suspect you may have an infestation you need to have it dealt with in a hurry. The longer you leave it the further they will spread. By the time you find the holes and the dust the adults have hatched and are looking for a new site to lay eggs. These will hatch and the grubs will chew holes in the chosen timber. Since the beetle insert the eggs into the wood it is difficult to treat the outside of the wood. The larva can spend years in the wood before they eventually become adults. If there are a lot of them they can substantially damage the timber in your home. If the timber preferred by them is essential to the structure of your house it can become dangerously unstable. We will kill all the larva in your timber and our craftsmen joiners can replace any badly damaged timber.

When you find wood dust under your favourite chair in Crosby, you need woodworm treatment quickly. Different types of beetles will choose different timber with a slight moisture content. Even if you think the timber is dry there may be enough moisture in it to enable the larva to live in it. Each type of beetle will choose the type of wood it best thrives in. Each hole that is found is a beetle which has developed from a grub and has hatched. These then breed and lay eggs on the nearest suitable piece of wood. This enables an infestation to lurk unseen and unnoticed in your home for many years. It is only once the infestation is very bad that one notices it.

Need woodworm treatment in Crosby? Contact Ray Betts today if you need woodworm treatment. One of our experienced team will visit your property and establish what types of woodworm are infesting your timber. They will offer a quotation to exterminate the grubs, larva and beetles. They will offer advice on keeping the beetles away from your home as without precautions they can re-infest the timber.