Enquiry for Woodworm Treatment in Kirkby

Enquiry for Woodworm Treatment in KirkbyAn enquiry for woodworm treatment in Kirkby is most important if you are buying or selling a house. The last thing you need is to find out that you may have a woodworm infestation. The beetles not only attack the wooden furniture in your home they also infest the timber in your home. This can be walls, beams or roof timbers. If the infestation is in the roof timbers it is very difficult to find the evidence without physically examining the timber. Happily there is a solution. We can rid your home of these pests and replace timbers that have been rendered dangerously unstable. Our qualified craftsman joiners can remove damaged sections of timber and replace them with new solid timbers.

When you find tiny holes in the wood in your home in wood in Kirkby, an enquiry for woodworm treatment is the most important step to take. There are a number of different beetles that are all called woodworm. Some need a different method of eradication. Identifying them is something our staff are proficient at. Once we have discovered the amount of damage and established whether we need to remove and replace any timber we can offer you a quotation. The wood boring beetle larva can take up to 4 years to show itself. This makes it very difficult to establish where the beetle has come from. Normal insecticides do not kill the larva, only the adults who do not eat wood. Depending on the type of beetle there are often only certain types of wood they will attack. The wood must also have some moisture content as they will not eat dry wood.

An enquiry for woodworm treatment in Kirkby is a wise move. Contact Ray Betts if you have an enquiry for woodworm treatment. We can provide expert diagnosis and eradication of all types of borer beetles. We will use chemicals and advise on other methods to keep the beetles out of your home. The chemicals will kill the larva that are present but without further methods like dehumidifying they may return at a later stage.