Get Dry Rot Membrane in Liverpool

Get Dry Rot Membrane in LiverpoolWhere will you get dry rot membrane in Liverpool? Dry rot is by far the most dangerous and destructive of the wood destroying fungi and must be stopped dead in its tracks before it can do real damage to your building. If you’re not careful, dry rot will reduce the wood in your building to a dry and brittle state, easily crumbled by hand. For load bearing structures, this is a disaster. For family antiques and heirlooms, this can be heartbreaking.

Act fast! At the first sign of rot in your home, contact the experts. The first step is to identify whether you have dry rot or wet rot, and then to take the best remedial action. In Liverpool, get dry rot membrane installed before any real damage is done. Since 1984, Ray Betts has been providing this service in the North West, so we know how to distinguish between dry and wet rot. We carry out dry rot control and woodworm treatment expertly and effectively. Dry rot only needs a moisture content in timber of 20% to germinate, hence the name, and under the right conditions can spread as fast as 80mm a day. Take a moment to picture this: within two weeks it could easily have covered a metre. The thing is, your wood isn’t even safe behind a wall. Dry rot can penetrate masonry and infect timber on the other side of thick walls.  It is essential that swift corrective action is taken to eradicate this malignant fungus before untold damage to the building results.

Don’t hesitate to get dry rot membrane in Liverpool from Ray Betts, the experts in the removal and prevention of both dry and wet rot. We are local authority an building society approved quality estimators. Our work comes with a comprehensive 30 year guarantee. When carrying out dry or wet rot treatment, we locate and remove all of the underlying sources of moisture. We use low odour preservation fluids, which are applied by spray, brush or in paste or gel form. Our skilled joiners replace defective timbers. At the first sign of rot, give us a call.