Dry Rot Problems in Great Crosby

Dry Rot Problems in Great CrosbyHow do you identify dry rot problems in Great Crosby in your home? Dry rot is a destructive and dangerous wood-destroying fungi. It has the ability to destroy sound wood, often reducing it into a brittle and dry state that crumbles in your hands. Dry rot only needs 20% moisture content in timber in order to germinate. Under certain conditions, it has the ability to spread up to 80mm per day. The fungus can easily penetrate masonry albeit having thick walls and even infect timber. Once the dry rot has matured, its fungi will produce fruiting bodies which spread microscopic bodies throughout the structure, infecting other areas of the home. When you spot dry rot, it is imperative that you take corrective measures right away. You need to contact professionals to deal with this issue. Who can you call?

If you reside in Great Crosby, dry rot problems are easily tackled by the team at Ray Betts. Established since 1984, we implement some of the best solutions to deal with dry rot. First, we locate and then remove all underlying sources of moisture. Second, we will apply low-odour preservation fluids via brush, gel, paste or spray. Where the infected masonry is irrigated, sprayed or drilled, we apply a specially formulated preservative fluid that acts like a fungicide. Lastly, where the timber is defective, our skilled joiners will carry out the necessary replacement work. At Ray Betts, we are committed to protecting your home and investment from the destructive forces of dry rot.

If your home is showing signs of dry rot problems in Great Crosby, take corrective measures immediately. Contact Ray Betts today for dry rot problems in your home. We also specialise in damp proofing, cavity wall ties, buying & selling a property, wet rot, structural repairs and general building work. We now also manufacture and install “made to measure” UPVC windows.