Wet Rot Problems in Liverpool

Wet Rot Problems in LiverpoolYou might have wet rot problems in Liverpool if you have noticed a damp musty smell in your house. You may have noticed fungal growth in particular areas of your home. In order to prevent possible structural damage to your home caused by wet rot, it is advisable to contact a wet rot specialist as soon as you can.

Wet rot decay is usually confined to areas where the timber has become and remains wet. In Liverpool, wet rot problems are not just a matter of fixing the damage the wet rot has caused. The source of the water access needs to be found to ensure that the wet rot does not re-appear. When the source of the water has been identified and fixed, the correct treatment of wet rot can continue. Wet rot treatment usually involves the replacing of the in the infected area. If you are uncertain if your property is suffering from wet rot, consider the services of Ray Betts to identify and reveal the full range of any wet rot problem and the sources of any water leaks. Once the extent of the wet rot problem has been determined we can begin to remedy the problem. We will apply a fungicidal paste onto the surface, or if it is a large area, we will inject it into the centre. When the paste has been applied, a skin will form which will prevent the evaporation of the carrier solvent. This in turn ensures the maximum penetration of the active ingredients.

Left untreated, wet rot problems in Liverpool can cause structural damage to your house. Contact Ray Betts today if you suspect you have wet rot problems in your house. We are happy to provide a quote for the wet rot treatment. Our skilled joiners will replace the defective timbers caused by the wet rot, efficiently and professionally. Don’t let wet rot problems become too large, and speak to Ray Betts for an effective solution!