Structural Repairs in Maghull

Structural Repairs in MaghullYou may need structural repairs in Maghull if you mentally chart the track of a wall crack while lying in bed each morning. Does it seem to get longer or wider? Do you wonder if you could paint a thick green flower stem over the crack with one big flower at the end? How about that thick stemmed weed growing from the crack in the foundation of your house? Could that be a problem? You put that big eye hook in the basement rafter from which to hang the punching bag but it fell out. The reason the wood is so soft may be wood rot and a structural problem. In fact, all of these symptoms may show a structural problem. Then again, they may not. The way to find out is have an engineer from Ray Betts survey your home.

Ray Betts is a general building and damp proofing contractor in the Merseyside area since 1984. In Maghull, structural repairs is an area where we are experts. We will provide a free structural condition report. We carry out structural repairs and damp proofing of your domestic or commercial property.  Because of our vast experience we are confident enough to offer a 30 year guarantee. We are also approved quality estimators.  You can trust our experienced joiners to repair or replace any areas where the structure is deteriorating. One cause for a weakened structure is defective cavity wall tiles. We have the necessary equipment to access and remediate the problem.

Don’t wait until structural repairs in Maghull go from small to large. Call us for a survey of your home or business premises. Contact Ray Betts if you are concerned about structural repairs to your home. It is possible there is no sign of structural damage from any source. Wouldn’t you like to know? However, if there are signs of structural weakness or conditions exist that lead to structural weakness, Ray Betts is the company to call. We are prepared and equipped to stop the cause of the damage and make appropriate repairs. Our rates are competitive and our customer service is superior. Our understanding of building structure weaknesses and how they got that way is complete. Our knowledge of how to remediate the problem is unsurpassed.