Woodworm Problem in Litherland

Woodworm Problem in LitherlandA woodworm problem in Litherland is a serious issue that must be dealt with by professionals. This pesky problem is typical in older houses. If you notice small round holes in your woodwork, or notice that boards and joists are crumbling, it could be that your house has a woodworm infestation. Left untreated, they can cause structural damage resulting in hefty repair bills. Use the services of professionals to get rid of this problem, permanently.

For older houses in Litherland, a woodworm problem can be effectively remedied by using the services of Ray Betts. Since 1984, we have been providing a first rate service to our clients. We provide an excellent service for damp proofing, cavity wall ties, dry and wet rot, structural repairs and general building work. Included in our list is a quality woodworm treatment to ensure the removal of the problem. To ensure that the woodworm problem is correctly and safely solved, we use only the safest chemicals. If the woodworm has ruined the woodwork to such an extent that it needs replacing or repair work, our experienced and professional craftsmen joiners can replace heavily infested timbers.

Sorting out a woodworm problem in Litherland is not a task to be attempted by the homeowner. As knowledge of the correct chemicals and procedures is needed, a professional is required to do the job. This way, the woodworm problem can be permanently removed. Contact Ray Betts if you have a woodworm problem and would like us to solve it. With competitive prices, you can be sure that the woodworm problem is only a phone call away from being sorted out. We have what it takes to deliver an efficient, reliable, and professional service. Our proven track record and enviable reputation is testimony to the quality services we provide.