Woodworm Treatment in St Helens

Woodworm Treatment in St HelensWoodworm treatment in St Helens is in addition to our damp proofing and structural restoration services. You may have found your dream house and are excited about purchasing it. While viewing the kitchen you dropped a coin and it rolled to the middle of the floor. If this happens, it could be a cause for concern. It could be a sign that the wooden support beams under the floor need attention. It may be that there is a woodworm infestation in the wood. Contact Ray Betts if you need advice on woodworm and the best way to remove an infestation.

In St Helens, woodworm treatment is effective. If you have discovered that the support beams in the basement are full of holes, it is likely a sign of woodworm infestation. It is so bad under the kitchen that the floor have begun to sag under the center island sink. The floor joists under that part of the kitchen might also show signs of water damage as well. The situation can be remedied. We would be happy to survey the house and provide a quotation for woodworm treatment.

Woodworm treatment in St Helens may be necessary after we do a full inspection of the house. First we will need to locate and remedy the water leak. After that we will apply micro emulsions and preservative fluids to complete the fungicidal process. The source of the problem will be fixed but the damage will need to be repaired. Our experienced joiners at Ray Betts can replace the damaged timbers and re-level the floor. We will also check every inch of the house for signs of dampness and woodworm damage. We guarantee all our work and you can rest assured that the woodworm problem will be solved. For more information about woodworm treatment, contact Ray Betts.