Woodworm Treatment in Rainhill

Woodworm Treatment in RainhillYou might need woodworm treatment in Rainhill if you just noticed that timbers in your basement appear shot full of tiny holes. It looks like old barn wood found lying about an abandoned farm. At the farm, it looks antique and charming. In your basement, not so much. You may have a woodworm infestation. That means that the larva of some wood-boring beetle has burrowed beneath the surface of the wood and is eating its way along the timbers. Once they hatch, they bore their way out through flight holes. The holes mean there has been an infestation but there may not currently be one. Check for fresh saw dust around the holes and look for the presence of beetles in your home.

In Rainhill, woodworm treatment should not be delayed when you see signs of infestation. Call Ray Betts before structural damage results from woodworm. The damage can cause joists to crumble. Ray Betts can solve your problem. Their team of professionals use safe but effective chemicals to treat the woodworm problem. Heavily infested timbers will be replaced because they are no longer structurally sound. Ray Betts employs experienced craftsmen for the job. Ray Betts Damp Proofing has been in business since 1984. Their services include damp proofing, the remedy of dry or wet wood rot, repairing structural damage and undertaking general building. All of their work is guaranteed and the company is covered by insurance.

Woodworm treatment in Rainhill may be needed if you are buying or selling a home. If you see any signs, Call Ray Betts right away. Their people will do a thorough inspection for any damage. If there is none, you will receive a comprehensive report to that effect. However, if there is evidence of damage and the presence of beetle larvae, this is the time to remedy it. Once again, the Ray Betts experienced team will treat with chemicals and replace any compromised timbers. Once completed, you will receive a report to that effect guaranteeing the problem is resolved. To prevent future infestations of wood worm, check for holes from time to time. Wooworm like damp spaces so try to keep moisture levels low in your home. For more information about woodworm treatment, contact Ray Betts.