Damp Proofer in Skelmersdale

Damp Proofer in SkelmersdaleA damp proofer in Skelmersdale can provide the appropriate treatment for any damp proofing work. Their job is to prevent damp from being absorbed through walls or floors of a property. Damp proofing is useful as it acts as a long term preventative barrier to problems that come about as a result of moisture which can weaken the structure of a building. Ray Betts were established in 1984, providing their services to domestic and commercial premises. You can trust them to know their business well as they are local authority and building society approved quality estimators.

In Skelmersdale, a damp proofer offers an efficient service. Ray Betts makes use of highly trained surveyors who know exactly what it takes to rid your home of damp. Did you know that even concrete floors can suffer from rising damp? Ray Betts are experts who know exactly where rising damp can be found. On interior and exterior walls, and left to its own devices, damp can cause all kinds of problems and damage your brickwork. Condensation, for instance, is common in a home and this can affect buildings. It typically happens in homes that are poorly ventilated. The result of poor condensation is black mould which grows and spreads.

A damp proofer in Skelmersdale carries out highly specialised work. They do wet rot, which if left untreated, will destroy the structural strength of timber. They spread a fungicidal paste onto the surface or into the centre and this prevents the evaporation of the carrier solvent. Unsafe, unsound timbers are replaced with new and the source of the dampness is also rectified. They know that if you are trying to sell your property, a buyer, on seeing rising damp, will lose all interest. Trust Ray Betts to rectify all your damp problems. If you need the services of a damp proofer, contact Ray Betts.