Damp Proofer in Haydock

damp proofer in HaydockA damp proofer in Haydock is an important person to consult with when it comes to the state of your house. The walls, floor and mortar beds could be subject to rising damp. Rising damp is an outcome of capillary action. This means that moisture from the earth will rise up inside the walls of a house. Rising damp can reach up to one metre above ground level. The symptoms that this problem can cause are predicaments in both wet and dry conditions. These symptoms can be the softening of wall plaster and lifting of wallpaper, mould and fungi on wall and wooden surfaces and stained decoration. Rising damp needs to be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading throughout the property and causing damage and decay to the structure of the building.

In Haydock, damp proofer such as those found at Ray Betts are well experienced in handling all types of damp problems. Ray Betts has been established for generations and provide only outstanding services. Their damp proofers are qualified and will complete a professional, friendly and thorough job. They owe their excellent reputation and leading position to the expertise and care in which they handle their customers, their delivery of first-rate service and providing the exact same first-rate service to every customer time and again.

For a damp proofer in Haydock who will tackle the task at hand with dedication and precision, contact Ray Betts. This damp proofing company offers specialist services such as damp proofing to prevent damp from rising, wet rot control to deal with the effects of damp rising and structural repairs to mend the damage caused by damp rising. All of their services include special and lasting methods that make use of first class technology and equipment to ensure a job well done. There will be no need to worry about damp proofing again as a damp proofer from Ray Betts will effectively solve your problem in no time and leave you with a thirty year guarantee. Be sure to get hold of Ray Betts for a company that offers competitively low rates and a free report of your building. For more information regarding a damp proofer, contact Ray Betts.